55th Grammy Awards

Maroon 5

Best Pop Vocal Performance


Latin Grammy Awards

Best Pop Vocal Album

Nelly Furtado

Triumphant at the 2010 Latin Grammy Awards, Nelly Furtado, received the “Best Female Pop Vocal Album” award for the very compelling “Mi Plan”, co-written and produced by Brian West.

“An album that deserves to win out of sheer musicianship and star power”.



44th Grammy Awards

Best Female Pop Vocal Performance Award

Producer of the Year nominee

Grammy nominated for “Producer of the Year”, Brian West of Track and Field Productions celebrated the triumph of the ‘Whoa Nelly’ album, performed by Nelly Furtado.


“Pop singer Nelly Furtado, soaring on the strength of her hit song “I’m Like a Bird”, won the “Best Female Pop Performance” at the Grammy Awards show held in Los Angeles”.


CBC News


Canadian Musician Juno Awards

Best Producer

Best Single

With the release of Folklore, Nelly Furtado’s first single “Powerless (Say What You Want)” became an immediate smash and was awarded the 2004 Juno for “Best Single”, co-written and produced by Brian West.

Canadian Musician Juno Awards

Best Producer

Single of the Year

The Whoa Nelly album earned Brian West and Nelly Furtado four Juno Awards, for “Best New Solo Artist, “Best Single of the Year, “I’m Like a Bird”, “Best Songwriter,” and “Best Producer”.

Canadian Musician Juno Awards

Artist of the Year

Brian West and K’Naan one of Canada’s and the world’s most celebrated artists, brought the 2010 Juno Awards to a perfect conclusion when awarded for, “Songwriter of the Year” and “Artist of the Year.”


“A sound that fuses Bob Marley, conscious American hip-hop, and brilliant protest poetry.”


Jim Welte for Rolling Stone Magazine


Rap Recording of the Year

Brian West of Track and Field Productions is instrumental to the signature music produced for K’Naan’s debut album, The Dusty Foot Philosopher, which received critical acclaim and the 2006 Juno Award for “Rap Recording of the Year”.

BBC Radio Awards

Best Newcomer

The BBC honored Canadian hip-hop artist K’Naan with a “Best Newcomer” award in its annual Radio 3 Awards for World Music, the album Dusty Foot Philosopher was co-written and produced by Brian West.

SOCAN Awards

Number 1 Song

SOCAN was pleased to honor Brian West with a No. 1 Award for the song “Take a Minute,” co-written and performed by K’Naan.